Programming your success


The requirements to Salesmen have changed massively over the past 15 years. A device with the dimensions of a Cigarette box provides us with all the information and manages our communication channels. Sales representatives become Customer-, Market- and Sales Managers. Experienced employees must question dogmas; young people have to learn everything at the same time to become productive quickly. Still, some very essential things have not changed: The direct, personal contact with customers is irreplaceable. Setting priorities, defining goals and focussing is still eminent. Pareto remains valid. In addition, an e-mail often is not processed faster than a postal letter - only the awareness of the transmitted information has dropped. What makes us successful and what hinders us? Why are so many highly qualified people failing? How do I achieve my goals? This is what “PROGRAMMING YOUR SUCCESS” and our trainings are about. 


The Academy StepIng specializes in custom trainings of experienced trainers that lead to proven success.

Published 24.04.2018


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